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Why BIS Certification for Sports Footwear?

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification is a mark of quality assurance and safety compliance for products manufactured in India. In the case of sports footwear, BIS certification ensures that the product adheres to the prescribed safety and quality standards, including design, materials, and manufacturing processes. This certification provides assurance to the customers that the sports footwear they purchase is safe, durable, and fit for purpose. Additionally, it helps manufacturers improve their products and comply with international standards, making them competitive in the global market. Therefore, BIS certification is crucial for the sports footwear industry to enhance customer satisfaction, ensure safety, and improve product quality.

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Omega QMS Pvt Ltd offers BIS certification services for a range of products, including sports footwear. Their team of experts guides clients through the certification process, providing assistance in documentation, testing, and compliance with BIS standards. With their help, clients can obtain BIS certification for their sports footwear products efficiently and effectively.

Consultation and Guidance

Omega QMS Pvt Ltd provides expert consultation and guidance on the BIS Certification process, helping businesses understand the necessary requirements and documentation.

Testing and Compliance

Omega QMS Pvt Ltd works closely with BIS-approved laboratories to ensure that toys undergo the required testing and meet the specified standards. This includes testing for mechanical and physical properties, flammability, and chemical composition

Documentation and Application

Omega QMS Pvt Ltd assists businesses in preparing the necessary documentation and submitting the application for BIS Certification. Their team of experts ensures that the application is complete and accurate, minimizing the chances of delays and rejections.

About Omega QMS Pvt Ltd

We take this opportunity to introduce us as the leading consulting organization and provider of support services in India in the realm of conformity assessment activities of all types, including, inter alia, product certification (both domestic and foreign), BIS registration of electronic & IT products, BEE approvals, TEC registrations and hallmarking. Besides, we also assist for award of accredited certification for all types of management systems (noticeably, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, etc.) against the relevant International Standards. We also manufacture all types of equipment for laboratory testing for various parameters as per test protocols specified in Indian / International Standards; and also help entrepreneurs to set-up NABL accredited (as per ISO/IEC 17025) and BIS recognized laboratories.

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